• Regina Arzate

Celery juice can heal your ailments

Celery is not a fruit nor a vegetable. You'll be surprised to learn that its an herb. A potent medicinal herb at that.

You won’t get benefits by eating a stalk of celery now and then but instead juicing it and drinking 16 ounces of this green elixir every morning on an empty stomach. No mixing with carrot or orange or any other juices, because the bioactive hydro waters in celery should not be diluted in any way.

Here are just a few of the benefits you may experience from drinking celery juice daily and why:

The sodium cluster salts (different than table salt) removes toxic salts from the body. It stabilizes the blood; so even if you’re on a low salt diet, you can benefit.

Celery juice neutralizes toxins and protects the cells and tissues; helping to clean the blood and brain of heavy metals that build up in our body from foods, water, and environmental factors. The electrolytes in celery juice, disarm the charge of copper, mercury, aluminum, and other heavy metals, deactivating them and flushing them off of our neurotransmitters. This allows our brain and the rest of our vital organs to function at a higher capacity.

It enhances our immune system our endocrine system; helping heal autoimmune diseases.

Celery juice strengthens the reproductive organs.

Celery juice balances the adrenals.

Celery juice heals skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis because It’s extremely anti-viral, alleviating symptoms related to these skin disorders.

Celery juice restores neurotransmitters in the brain and regulates the thyroid

Celery juice is the most potent sports drink due to its complete living electrolytes. Your body runs on electricity, and therefore, electrolytes help cells receive the oxygen they need and help the cells detox.

Celery juice is a potent anti-viral and an amazing liver cell cleanser. Celery juice adds trace minerals, flushes the liver of heavy metals and pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides that build up over years of chronic exposure. This flushing out of heavy metals helps to rejuvenate our liver so that the liver can perform its over 2000 functions efficiently.

I highly recommend your read Medical Medium Celery Juice, by Anthony William. A wealth of information, explaining in-depth, why the herb, celery is so incredible, and how many other diseases it helps to heal.


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