• Regina Arzate

Marine Collagen Magic

Marine Collagen Powder sourced from Wild Caught deep sea Fish from pristine waters(not farmed), provides Collagen Peptides for your skin, hair , nails, joints, and bones & digestive health. It's keto and paleo friendly. It's easy to take. Just add powder to water and dissolve.

Nutritional Target: For bone strength, joint flexibility, youthful skin, marine collagen peptides repair and replenish the collagen in your cartilage, tendons and bonds, for superior joint flexibility and bone strength. It boosts skin collagen levels to support skin firmness and elasticity, giving your skin a radiant youthful appearance.

Studies show clean Marine Collagen is more effective, with a smaller particle size and the lowest molecular weight among all collagen types; this allows enhanced absorption to provide better healing, repair and nourishment. It's also gentle on the gut, especially for sensitive digestive systems.

Gold Leaf Botanics utilizes Marine Collagen in our B.I.E. Fit Superfoods formula.


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Gold Leaf Botanics is dedicated to using  only the finest, purest ingredients that you can depend upon for your health and wellness needs. 

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